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Firstep COVID-19 Rapid Test is now available


Firstep Bioresearch, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of in-vitro diagnostic system in Taiwan. Its products include drug screen test, pregnancy/ovulation test, cardiac marker test, cancer screening test, pathogen detection test and immunoassay analyzer, which are suitable for both medical and forensic purposes.

Our Factory

Firstep Bioresearch, Inc. is located in Southern Taiwan Science Park. Our factory includes a cleanroom of class 100,000 with relative humidity ≤ 25%. 


All products are manufactured in compliance with Taiwan GMP/QMS regulations and EU ISO13485 standard. 

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Technology Platforms

  • Flow-through Membrane
  • One-Step Rapid Qualitative Immunoassay
  • One-Step Rapid Semi-Quantitative Immunoassay
  • One-Step Rapid Quantitative Immunoassay
  • Biophotonic Medical Devices
  • Colorimetric Analyzers

Our Service


We specialize in manufacturing and export of diagnostic tests in Taiwan. Our main products include drug screen test, pregnancy/ovulation test, cardiac marker test, cancer screening test and pathogen detection test. We are driven to manufacture with the best quality and the most competitive price. If you are interested in any of our diagnostic testing products, please contact us.


With features such as easy operation, light weight, high mobility, and cost-effective, EZquick® Immunoassay Analyzer is an optical spectrum reader for semi-quantitative and quantitative analysis of immunogold rapid detection reagents which can also be combined with food safety tests and veterinary tests.


Firstep Bioresearch, Inc. constantly pursues innovative technology and cooperates with Taiwan's renowned universities of engineering science. In 2016, Firstep Bioresearch, Inc. has successfully developed a micro-analysis reader, and enters officially the Point of Care Testing field. Firstep Bioresearch, Inc. is the only manufacturer in Taiwan possesses core biotechnology as well as optical engineering.


Bacterial cellulose (BC), also known as bio cellulose, is made of natural and safe Acetobacter xylnum by taking natural sugary liquid as medium through natural fermentation. The strain is generally recognized as safe and reliable after it was approved by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

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2021/03/01  -   Media Reports

Firstep COVID-19 Rapid Test is now available

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